“Here’s to Humanity”

Dec 20/10
10:30 am

Never sit next to any men I remind myself for future reference as I flee Chapters after having had enough of listening to crazy physics theories from a very brilliant but also very manic young man. If I sit next to a guy, they *will* talk to me, even if I *do* have my notebook and pen, with the obvious intention of *writing*, not talking.

The crazy brilliant physicist leaves me alone finally but I have lost my focus and feel agitated and overwhelmed. Frustration wells up because a starbucks coffee is a rare treat now, just to be ruined by a manic physics genius who reminds me very much of the Sarnia Best Friend.

Why can’t men just leave me alone? I wonder plaintively. Or if not, then just hit on me in a normal way like, “Hi, can I have your number?” So I can just say “No,” and the conversation ends.

Feeling discombobulated, I flee down the cold Victoria Streets to the Government Starbucks on the corner of Yates. I grab an empty chair but cannot settle, the relaxed feeling of earlier now long since gone. All I feel now is double caffeine mixing with frustration at being verbally drowned in brilliant, yet exhausting, physics.

I try to relax but the Starbucks is cold, the music annoying, the voices surrounding me loud and  echoing. I am tired from the mornings job search – the unglamorous part of the artists career, the search for a steady income while still trying to concentrate on the actual creation of art.

As I try to settle and relax, I feel exhausted, manic, and confuzzled. Never again,  I say to myself with all sterness, never again will I sit next to any of the male gender. I briefly flash back to the all the conversations I have been pulled into.  I have talked to and Iranian Philosopher who was trying to learn written English grammar so he could write a book, a  young double university major graduate who was just getting back from work overseas, a middle aged  business man with friendly curiosity in what I was working on, a possibly homeless man interested in my art, a disabled man just wanting someone to chat to,  a young Japanese teenager who would keep asking me the bizarrest  questions just to keep the conversation going every time I  tried to look back at my book, and now a brilliant young physicist who has the knowledge of how to make the world go Kaboom and is trying to figure out how to *not* do that. As I remember these many weird conversations I find myself beginning to laugh. Hey, I think, at least I’ve met some really interesting people. I take a sip of my coffee, and as I do I am now smirking and not frowning. Here’s to humanity, I think, in all its beauty, color, and chaos.


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