Artwork originals are for sale at my esty acccount, and range from $85-$215, depending on the size and complexity of the piece.Right now, as you can see I don’t  have many pieces listed here . I am just in the process of photographing a large batch of new drawings and one new painting.

“Inner Confusion”
11×14 with custom matt
Colored Pencil

This is one of four in my “Heart Song series” that was displayed at Cook Street village for a month. It is done on 80lb archival acid free drawing paper with colored pencil. The matt it comes with can be seen in the black  border around the picture. It was custom cut to mimic the freeflowing feel of the artwork.





Acrylic on Canvas Paper

This was done on simple 9.5X12 canvas  paper with acrylic  paint. This is a rare one that was sold framed because the buyer  lived in  the city so shipping was not a problem. Normally my smaller drawings or paintings only come with a black matt.


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